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Page Rank, have the same basic concept of link popularity, but it is not only the "quantity" of incoming links and outgoing. The approach used is a side view would be required if other sites will have a link to this page. One side is always important if other aspects of the web page (Page-rank) refers to the height of the side.
Point of view taken page rank Wiki champion said. Page Rank is a patented algorithm to determine which websites are the most important / popular Page Rank is one of the main functions of the Google search engine, and was created by its founders, Larry Page and Serge Bron, who is a PhD student at Stanford University. Of what Page Rank is a popular place would be if the sites of many others who will put a link to the site with the assumption that the content / website content. Useful content / website content Page Rank is calculated on a scale of 1-10. A website that has a Page Rank 9 lower in the first place on the list of Google results, but as a site that has a Page Rank of 8, and then. With the approach of Page Rank is a recursive process in which it determines a classification ranking of website ranking through the classification of certain websites.
Link to this page This process involves a process that can be repeated is (recursively). In the virtual world, there are millions or billions of web pages. Therefore, a Web page ranking is the entire link structure of the web pages, which identified in cyberspace. Method, which is very large and complicated.


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